Removing snow ice and avoidable costs

Removing snow ice and avoidable costs

That’s how the owner of a leading Chicago area snow and ice removal company described how Sprint has helped improve his crews’ productivity.

Snow Plus president Steven Greenwald oversees 400 employees and 150 pieces of heavy plow equipment when the Windy City and nearby towns are buried in the white stuff. In 2012, the company was mired in manual processes for many of its tasks, such as scheduling snow removals, reporting and billing, and researching legal disputes,. This caused delays and down times and impeded snow-clearing operations, which gouged Snow Plus’s bottom line.

Using customized wireless forms, navigation and mapping from JobNotes™ (a proprietary solution that Greenwald developed and will market this year in the United States), operators today can rapidly provide field updates, more quickly locate properties, review customized color satellite images and go over site documents and plans.

Drivers can also save time and give their managers more up-to-date information. According to Greenwald, the fleet management solution provided by Actsoft’s Comet Tracker for GPS also lets supervisors know precisely where each piece of equipment is or has been, meaning more efficient dispatching. The uneditable GPS tracking history also provides vital protection in legal disputes. The history playback feature of Comet Tracker lets Snow Plus see what field crews are doing and streamlines routes to save time and fuel costs.
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