WordPress Site Changelog

Jobnotes coming up new features like Task Management, Map View, Intelligent Routing, Track & Manage Assets, Customer Management. Also coming up new plugins in market as Sage Accounting, QuickBooks Accounting. And OneDrive Cloud and Google Drive plugins are under construction.

Jobnots have Login / Register functionality for user to register and login.Add text below the slider “Click here to end the mess” that navigate to Solution slider. Add call to action text and button which is redirect to pricing page.

JobNotes Core System Changelog

Reports Manager -> Add functionality for delete season reset. Add import functionality for importing zip file. Reset season also has the multiple choices functionality for delete all properties, locations, past seasons, staff. Based on this choices all stuff will be deleted. And will not display in respective modules.

In Dashboard, fixed IVR clock issue which was not working earlier and make it draggable and resizable.

In manage properties, added one textbox to choose a property in the add and edit form.

Manage plugins, added settings functionality for weather and report wizard plugin. In weather, settings add default zip code to see default weather from that city.
In Reports wizard, added how many numbers of days the report will retain.

JobNotes Plugins Changelog

JobNotes Apps Changelog

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