By implementing a BYOD program, your business can operate with the use of existing devices either company or employee supplied. Companies can use their resources to ensure this data is protected and secure. JobNotes provides a flexible platform for policy enforcement and distribution of customer information and apps based on device ownership.

Device Flexibility

JobNotes supports all major support platforms, allowing you to use your existing phones, tablets, notepads, and computers. Your firm will also have flexibility with your future device purchasing plans.

Enabling Devices

JobNotes allows for easy enabling of existing employee or company owned devices. Profiles, applications, and accessible content configure automatically based on the controls your company puts into place.

Information Sharing Risk

JobNotes allows you to avoid the risks that are presented with employee or company owned devices in accessing company information. A terms of use agreement should be put into place to inform users that the data is the solely the property of the company, and any use of this data for reasons other than this will be cause for disciplinary action.

Employee Privacy

JobNotes allows for separation of personal and corporate data on devices and can customize privacy policies based on device ownership. Use policies to prevent collection of GPS location, personal email and personal user information on employee owned devices.