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About JobNotes™ & How We DId It

JobNotes™ was founded in 2014 after years of planning and implementation. Having run a large service based business for years and dealing with the cumbersome paperwork flow from field workers, to office staff, for billing and job costing we knew a change had to be made. This cloud based solution was born using customized forms, navigation and mapping programs, and mobile devices for real time reporting. Since the implementation of JobNotes™ into our organization has begun, we have saved a tremendous amount of money not to mention the relieved stress allowing us to work more efficiently.

Our commitment to our customers, and the ability to provide them with exceptional service has grown increasingly stronger since the inception of JobNotes™. In light of this, we decided to develop this program and market it to other service providers so their firms can
experience the same benefits that we have!

JobNotes™ , powered by Live-Tech, simplifies changes in today’s fast paced business environment through instant communication to employees. With JobNotes™ companies can use their smartphones, tablets, or a host of other mobile platforms to instantly retrieve critical data necessary for the completion of a specific job. Whether you are enabling a BYOD – Bring Your Own Device platform or you have a company owned device program already in place, this integration solution will help your business reduce costs and increase efficiency, allowing for both an excellent customer experience and
increased profitability.

The biggest difference in JobNotes system is it’s construction has been inspired by Legos & WordPress. The core system’s focus is to help assign work to get and keep guys out in the field organized helping to eliminate the demands for old fashion paper & help reduce the high costs related to data entry, organizing paperwork, and various other related labor demands. This way you only pay for the things you need and NOT what you don’t need. Example in some cases you may not need geo fencing or billing solution as you may already be happy with what you have. To help reduce cost with these aspects they are not included in the core system. However if you demand such solutions they are available via plugins or you may work with our customization team to include things how you prefer. JobNotes takes things a step further even by not cutting the control you have as to the look, feel, and function of your JobNotes. We have a highly experience code and tech support staff ready to make the needed changes to the system suits your more precise needs, unlike many systems out there that many only force you to have things one or two ways.

JobNotes™ features a technical support team second to none. Our 24-7, 365 days a year team is ready to help you if needed…